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 Info About Medic


I've been collecting figures for a while (I think a few years), and my first 12" figure was a Jesse Ventura
I've since topped 50 figures and almost 10 vehicles with no end in sight.

I came up with the name Medic, while surfing this board. I wanted to post something and wanting to be a doctor when I was little so it was only natural for me to choose"Medic". Why? Because I wanted to stick with the military theme.

Add 90 pounds to this picture, and some severe acne, and you've got me.

If you need to contact me: Medic

 Info About The Storyline

Back in the far reaches of my mind, lied a storyline for my troops.


I had been a fan of toys coming to life movies like: Indian in the Cupboard, and Toy Story,
so I wanted that, so I came up with the idea I didn't have to be a sucker for detail
or accuracy or anything like that. I just liked to kitbash and stuff, not caring about the results.

The story casts a brave Captain and his men, against an evil action figure.
This bad guy was disfigured (no pun intended)by "Medic"(aka me)
and he wants to convince them of how cruel "Medic" is.

Info About The Website

This website was originally typed in raw HTML using HTML Pro 1.08, I'm now using Adobe Pagemill 2.0, it's great, what used to take hours, now takes minutes!

I did a facelift, but it was extremely ugly, so I changed the colors and some buttons, and started using Javascript. This is the site you see now.

This page updated on 3/4/02