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Here are some frequently asked questions.

1.] Q: Your figure's bio's don't make much sense, why is that?

A: Let me elaborate, the Bio's are what the back of the figure's box would say
if it was a retail figure.

2.] Q: Are you cruel to your figures?

A: No.

3.] Q: Why did you choose the storyline that you did?

A: To put it bluntly, I had too. My backyard is the size of a dime,
and I don't like trying to make things look realistic.

4.] Q:Why do they bleed if they are plastic figures?

A: In the storyline, the figures automation and life is controlled by a reddish substance,
called "Plastic Activator", that happens to look like blood, if the figure loses enough of this stuff, it turns back into lifeless plastic.
Head transplants do not require transfusions, because it doesn't flow there. That's why their mouths will never move.

5.] Q: Are these really questions asked by real people?

A: No, this is just some info you might wonder about.

6.] Q: So you are talking to yourself?

A: Yup.

7.] Q: If I'm you, then who are you?

A: You.

8.] Q: Ok, back to figures, do the figure's vehicles run, or do they have to push them "Flintstones style"?
If the storyline says the figures are toys, then why do their guns work?

A: Plastic Activator makes everything that is plastic work the way it would if it were real, so vehicles run,
and guns fire so long as they have ammo.

9.] Q: Where does this Plastic Activator stuff come from?

A: Unknown.

10.] Q: Do you expect us to buy all that?

A: Not really, but if you want an interesting story with 1/6th Scale figures, you have to start somewhere.

11.] Q: Why do the Villains live outside?

A: The story goes, that Captain Washington and some of the other figures banished them there after they tried to take over the world. The good figures occasionally donate things to them, but they mostly fend for themselves.

12.] Q: Is this the only storyline you will ever use?

A: No, I've got something special planned very soon.