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 1/6th Scale Oddities!

For your enjoyment, here are some interesting 1/6th scale items.

1/6th Scale Sofa

A 1/6 scale sofa!!!!
A 1/6th scale sofa! It was a kleenex box cover from Japan, I bought it from

More 1/6th Scale Furniture

Some inflatable 1/6th Scale furniture! I found these at Big Lots, they come in the box pictured.

Some soft furniture, they are stuffed with a foam block on the bottom. You get a plastic table, chair and a sofa with little pillows.

Better view of the couch.

Chow, with end table and chair. Is he thinking about something?

The box for the Living Room Set.

"Bamboo" Chair

Here is Adam sitting in a neat 1/6th Scale wicker chair that I found.

The chair looks like something that could be seen in Viet-Nam during the war.

The tag attached to the chair.

This page updated on 5/17/02