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This is information about the Villains

The Villains are a group of rebelious figures overwelmed by hatred of the keeper of figures.

They are having a dispute over an area in the house.

This is a sketch of Redael based on Capt. Vincent's account of him.

Name: Redael (Leader spelled backwards.)

Age: Unknown

Info: This figure was reportedly mutilated by The Keeper.

Status: Alive and Dangerous.

Names: (from right to left) T-Gore and his Buddy

Ages: T-Gore: 37, Buddy: 25.

Info: T-Gore never goes too far without his buddy.

Status: Last seen running from the fuel explosion in the backyard.

Names: (left to right) Bob and Doug

Ages: Between 20-30

Info: They are twin brothers.

Status: Dead (but they can be replaced)

Name: Junkyard Jack

Age: 38

Info: Isn't really on any side, he's a loner.

Status: He still hangs around the Backyard.

Names: (Left to Right) Steiner, Eric, Matilda, Dr. Stevens, Hans, Phebous, Boris.

Ages: Unknown

Info: Not much is known about these Villains, this picture was taken by Sgt. Kate Walker while her group was retreating.

Status: These guys are still around.

Name: Pyro

Age: Unknown

Info: Is a pyromaniac, Pyro burns his opponents with his flame-thrower.

Status: Dead, though he has been before.

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