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These are my troops, they have slowly begun to accept the fact that they are toys, so
as a matter of politeness, I let them choose their own name, and background.

Name: Charles "Chuckie" Rodgers

Rank: Major

Age: 49

Position: Supreme Leader of the 1/6th Scale Commandos

Bio: Major Rodgers was elected to the position by a vote, he has no combat experience.

[Captain Washington]

Name: John Washington

Rank: Captain

Age: 42

Position:The leader of the 1/6th Scale Commandos Alpha Team.

Bio: Captain John Washington is a determined decision maker, intelligent man, and a great commanding officer.

Special gear: 9mm SMG, bulletproof vest.

Info: Takes a more active role than most Captains do.

Name: Gabe Logan

Rank: First Lieutenant

Age: 35

Info: Gabe acts weird, most think it's because he can't comprehend the fact he's a toy.

Lt. Robert Parker

Name: Robert Parker

Rank: First Lieutenant

Age: 29

Info: Is an amateur wrestler. Founder and Commander of Bravo Team.

Name: Kate Walker

Rank: Lieutenant

Age: She wouldn't tell us.

Kate is an extremely good gunner and a great soldier. Now a member of Bravo Team.

Info: Is very glad her plastic looks will never fade.


Name: Medic (really, it's on his birth certificate.)

Rank: Second Lieutenant

Age: 25

The Medic, always prepared for duty, and has a heart of gold.

Special gear: Belt and pouches made to look like ranger pack, SAW pouches used to carry bandages and medicine.

Info: Has a short temper, and is furious if angered.

Name: Fred Jackson

Rank: Sergeant Major

Age: 29

Info: Is usually the gunner in the Captain's vehicle.

Name: Adam Dragon

Rank: Master Sergeant

Position: Radio Telephone Operator.

Age: 30

Info: Is the team's arm wrestling champion.

Name: Al Bouquet

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Position: Motorcycle Recon.

Age: 31

Info: Prefers to work Reconnaissance alone.

Name: Percy "Tex" McDuffe

Rank: Sergeant

Age: 27

Bio: The Grenadier, Tex as he likes to be called, just loves to blow stuff up!

Info: Is very sensitive about his first name.

Name: Dean Jones

Rank: Private First Class

Age: 20

Bio: Dean took over the job of Minigun Operator from his twin cousin, Sam whom went MIA in operations at the disputed area.

Special gear: Minigun /w Can.

Info: Is a master with knives.

Name: Martin

Rank: Private

Info:Canton's replacement, he sure has some big boots to fill. Bites his nails a lot.

Name: Tanya Barlow

Rank: Private

Info: Says her sneakers are more comfortable than Danners.

Name: Jim Canton

Former Rank: Private

Age: 24

Bio: Once a trusted member of Captain John's 1/6th Scale Commandos, Jim turn-coated and became a Villain during ops in the disputed area.

Name: Diego Lopez

Rank: Recruit

Age: 22

Bio: Now a member of Bravo Team, BoyToy (as he hates to be called) is the machine gunner.

Name: "Crazy" Ted

Rank: Enlisted

Age: 35

Bio: Ted is a paranoid figure who's afraid of the government, however he gives crucial tactical advice to the 1/6th Scale Commandoes. Now a member of Bravo Team.

Info: The camo is tattooed on Ted's face.

Name: Ben Howard

Rank: Sgt.

Position: Radio Operator for Bravo Team.

Name: George Downey

Rank: Private

Posting: Bravo Team.

Name: Sam Jones (Dean's cousin)

Rank: Private First Class

Age: 22

Bio: Sam was the first member of 1/6th Scale Commandos to wield the mighty minigun and was also part of the team to quell the disputed area recently, where he went MIA.

Name: IG88

Rank: None

Age: 3

Bio: Constructed for repair and maintenance of the vehicles, he is programmed to follow every single command.

Info: A secret function of IG88 is "Pastry Chef Mode".