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These are my vehicles, some aren't here yet but will be.

Command humvee
My command humvee, I gave it windows.
My D.P.V.
My GI Joe desert patrol vehicle.
Mutt, converted to a villain ride
My MUTT, now converted to a Villain Ride.
My old motorcycles
My old motorcycles.
Cargo/Troop Humvee
My cargo/ troop humvee, yes that is a 1/6th scale fridge in the back.
A Barbie car, I know I know.
Barbie Porshe boxter, not bad for a barbie car.
Bikes, 3 of them in fact
From left:Honda, BMW, Honda.
Regular humvee
Humvee, Sam seems comfy huh?

This page updated on 5/18/02